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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugavanam Story 1

It is fine morning.  There was light chill in the air.  Sundar wake up and felt the AC chillness in the body.  He is not able to get up.  He felt very much tired.  When he turned he saw his wife is not there.  Nithya, his wife, is a beautiful woman and he lives very happily with her.  In that moment Nithya entered the room with the good flavour after bathing, dressed with wet head covered witha cloth.

She told, 'Hi, get up...'

'Hmmm' told the Sundar.

'I brought coffee for you'.

He turned and saw her beautiful face.  What a beauty... I can watch for any number of minutes....
The GOD blessed me with such a good wife...

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