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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Please Help us to Stop Terrorism....

Please Help us to Stop Terrorism....

You believe it or not 

This email going to stop Terrorism 

This email going to eradicate Terrorism from this world !!! 

Do you like Terrorism?  I know...... you will not. 

I know you want a peaceful world for your father, mother, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and all your friends and relatives. 

We are going to achieve a great thing, which Super Powers not able to achieve. 

We are going to achieve a great thing, which all magazines and web sites not able to achieve. 

This email going to bring great peace to this world... 

You know "Pen is stronger is than knife, bombs, atom bombs and all other lethal weapons which terrorists going to bring to this world....." 

Today, email is stronger than any other weapon in the world. 

This email is going to achieve a great thing which super power countries and all Terrorism organisations of the world does not achieve. 

We want peaceful Earth. 

Please forward this email to five of your friends who have email. 

If you send to more friends, the terriorism going to end more quickly. 

The only simple way to stop any cruelty in the world is...... just ignore the cruelty. 

Just ignore....... Terrorism. 

Don't be afraid of Terrorism. 

Dont worry about Terrorism.  Everyone is going to die one day. 

Terrorism is also going to die from this world. 

My dear brother Terrorists, you can not change this world as you like it, just by Terrorism. 

If you want to change the world as you want it, you can change it by Love and Affection. 

If you can, please do it. 

You see.... you are planting bombs all over the world.  Still we call you as brother.  Because Sun is our father, Earth is our mother, and all the people in the world are our brothers and sisters. We all one family... Mother Earth family...

Please decide...... 

We are going to stop Terrorism by this email.   

You can not stop Love and Affection which we are spreading thru this email. 

Love and Affection going to rule the world.  Not the barbaric terrorism...  No God like to see His children are killed by bomb blasts... 

This email is worth a great treasure to the humanity. 

The person who is reading this email, who is forwarding this email, who is loving this email, is doing a great help to humanity in eradicating terrorism. 

This email is going to stop Terrorism completely from this world. 

We want Love and Peace. 

We want a beautiful world with lot of trees, pure water, beautiful flowers and plants for our young children. 

My dear brother terrorists, you believe it or not, this email is going to eradicate terrorism completely from this world. 

This email is going to do a great miracle to the world which no other sacred book done to this world. 

This email is going to blast Terrorism into millions of pieces. 

This email is coming as biggest blessing to the world to stop terrorism. 

This email is created on 12th July 2006. 

This email is going to rewrite the fate of this world.  going to make a peaceful world. 

This email is stop terrorism totally from this world. 

Very soon, there will be no terrorism in this small world. 

All people, belonging to different religion, race, color, caste will be happily living in this world with no hatred, no 

worries, no pollution for thousands of millions of years. 

Good people in the world going to plant more trees, more good thoughts in the world.  Both will grow and make the world more beautiful. 

Sahara Desert will become Sahara Forest soon.  All deserts in the world will become beautiful forests in the world soon. 

This email going to bring more peace to this world. 

The person who possess this email, will get great fortune. 

This email going to make women and children, more happy in the world. 

This email going to stop all RDX bombings, land mines, and car bombings in the world. 

This email going to prove "Terrorism is foolishness". 

We are all common men.  We do not want Terrorism.  Our family, wife and children do not want terrorism. 

Number of common men in the world is far, far bigger than number of terrorists in the world.  Always the majority wins.  That is always the rule of the world. 

you are going to witness the great power of this email. 

All my brothers and sisters, you believe it or not. 

This email is going to laugh at terrorism. 

The world is having more than 6000 million people. 

My dear brother terrorists,  how many people can you kill by your bombings in your lifetime?  you are wasting your life by your ignorance.  Ignorance causes more losses.  Ignorance with terrorism causes more dangerous losses.   

Are you a fool, putting bombs, when you definitely know, you and I, and everybody, going to die one day? 

We all should struggle always to survive.  Not to kill and die. 

You go to hospitals, and see, and how people are struggling to live?  you see... how many people, young and old, children are fighting to escape from the gate of death? 

Please forward this email, minimum to five of your friends, maximum, any number of friends. 

You are going to see a great miracle within days of forwarding this mail in your life. 

If you do not forward this email, your brothers of Mother Earth are going to get killed by terrorism in future.  I mean.... this world..... as one big family. Earth is our Mother.  Sun is our Father.  We all one Family...

One World.  One Home.  Let us save our only home called "Earth" from Terrorism. 

This email definitely going to save the world from terrorism. 

Please forward this mail for the benefit of you, your brothers, sisters, mother father, sons, daughters and other relatives in the world. 

Please let us stop terrorism from this world !!!!!!!! 

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