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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Beautiful girls are beautiful in all colours...

Do dark color and skin tone still matter in Indian culture??

Wondering when this skin tone battle ever end! Simply Ridiculous!!!

Are we all this shallow and have a warped sense of beauty??

Do we all have this skewed mental association towards dark color?

I just came across an attractive young woman who should probably be in her High School with an enormous level of low self esteem and self worth simply because she doesn't get the credit and attention that her fair skinned cronies receive.

She is being ill treated and tormented by her Indian parents and family members bringing her color to the forefront and is treated cruelly even within the family during family gatherings and outings.

She is being foul mouthed and kicked off by her fellow school mates for her color and physique. Why this indifference??

Why this spewing of derogatory comments?? Why this devaluation??

Dark is simply beautiful and should be celebrated and not stigmatized and marginalized!!

Beautiful girls are beautiful in all colours...

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